The Digital Fabrication Laboratory is located at the Madrid-based Institute of Technology (EPS) of CEU San Pablo University. The Laboratory takes advantage of the creative potential associated to the combination of virtual design and CNC technology (Computer Numeric Control) which is considered the fourth generation of the application of digital technologies to the field of architecture. This technology is related with the material manufacture of digitally designed models through the use of computer-controlled tools (laser cutter, CNC milling machine, 3D Makerbot and so on) and offers the possibility to read from digital files to create the physical components of the models. In Architecture, should be noted specially, the association of this technology with the development of the parametric design, through which it is possible to digitally generate models whose shapes are defined through parameters that are likely to be modified to each embodiment or singular instance.

CEU San Pablo University is a non-profit and private educational institution. The history and experience of this center as a higher education institution dates back to 1933. University San Pablo-CEU has a prestigious faculty of well established professional and academic careers, the Institute of Technology (EPS, Escuela Politécnica Superior). It was established in 2001 offering degrees in Architecture, Telecommunication Systems Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. The origin of architecture studies at CEU dates back to 1967.

Contact: clorenzo@ceu.es / lorenzocovadonga@gmail.com

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